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Website Update, March 2021

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Good day! Greetings from Avalon! And welcome to the first post of 'The Inkwell' - my new blog & online diary.

(If you aren't interested in alternative viewpoints or freedom of speech, this update might not be for you)

And so! We seem to be approaching the 'home stretch' of the latest lockdown period, which has forced so many people out of their chosen career or life-paths. The world and society is changing very quickly, and the bigger picture seems to show a perfect storm of economic problems, social problems, geopolitical shifts, increasing AI control and job losses....and now a worldwide pandemic. I'd suggest this is all very closely linked.

Around a year ago when I made this website, I'd managed to create a really strong career (and service to clients) after so many obstacles and challenges over the years. I became 'alligned' for one of the first times in my life! And so just when it felt like I'd really got on track, everything was turned upside down.

Nevertheless, I embrace the changes! I wanted to leave a note as I planned on things being much more active in my work and on the website since then, but taking care of myself and my life in the background took precedent.

Ironically I've been more creative recently than probably ever before...constantly juggling different hobbies and outlets including music production, DIY and woodworking, physical activities, mural painting, and better cooking! Despite the financial and productivity problems that the government restrictions caused, it's been good to focus on doing some of the things I never made time for. I know a lot of other people feel similarly.

Hopefully we can all find a better balance if and when things shift back to 'normal', whatever that is.

On the contrary I fear we have even bigger challenges coming, and things are just getting warmed up so to speak. But even if that viewpoint turns out to be true....there is no better time to express and define through our art Focusing now on society opening back up, I have updated the website as described below and will be finishing uploading the new content in the next few weeks - as well as creating more art, and getting back to tattooing properly. I have big plans for the future... assuming we are allowed the freedom

Thank you again for the wonderful people I meet through my work...and all the people interested in it. I hope you haven't been negatively affected by this recent situation too much, and are free from fear and control

I'd also like to start a little network group for my clients and friends who are questioning the official narratives currently being pumped out of our media & governments, and are interested in a different way. There are lots of sincere alternative groups coming together recently, and although its not my main focus...I think it's vital for us to still have some voice, and community. If you are interested, please email me. Future editions of The Inkwell will be more focused on creativity :)



Website vers1.1 improvements:

.Now optimised for mobile devices & android .Photos updated .YouTube Channel created .Photography section added .'The Inkwell' Blog started .Room 101 Updated .Improved fonts, colours & layout

Coming in 1.2 .Shop products

.More video content incl. art tutorials

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