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A.I 'Art'

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

In the short time since I was last here, we have seen an emergence of 'Artificial Intelligence Artwork'. A very relevant subject now Not so long ago, we used to speculate about this... about how the times are changing. Clients used to joke with me; Would we would soon be replaced in our job...?! Recently, the supermarket workers (for one example) have almost been completely been replaced. And not many people seem to notice or care... But who could've imagined not so long ago? We certainly live in a very quickly changing environment. Who is going to keep up...? Back to the original question... I used to respond that, it would take a long time to replace true creativity or visual art. But now it would seem that I misjudged the timeline... Maybe it will take longer, for robots to replace tattoo artists....but as I write these words, visual artists already seem to be being quickly replaced. We live in a digital world, and the science fiction is becoming fact...much quicker than most of us might have predicted. It leaves me a little perplexed, for I admit that I really appreciate some of the A.I art that comes my way. It is definitely a valid, and interestiong paradigm, or 'medium'. The question is - as many are exploring now - is it 'right'? Well, it's already too late to reverse the trend. How to make peace?...or how to be 'better' than said 'intelligence'? (better described as machine learning, or interpretation) It's a very interesting question. Which more than anything, asks me...what is it to be human? In the concept of the Turin test for example, what is it that seperates us? for the turin test has already been completely broken. And quantum computing, for example, has not even really started yet... So what's next?

Perhaps back to the 'cognitive disonance' of mankind, and how most won't realise, until it's 'too late'.

I think there are answers here, but none of them obvious, or easy.

'ART' is supposedly, the expression of the individual. But when that expression becomes a machine, or an algorythym....what then....? And how do we feel when those algorythyms are just as pleasing visually or 'artistically', as humans? how interesting..... I'd argue that this changes everything, even if it's uncomfortable for us.

Peace and love ~


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