Update - End of 2021

Updated: Feb 10

So, another year over... Some people think that time is actually speeding up (the quickening?), and I'd be inclined to agree most weeks. I'm sure it's not just the effects of age...

Maybe some kind of singularity..?! Anyways! I hope this quick update finds you healthy and prosperous!

I was being incredibly productive not so long ago, and had high hopes for 2021...but what another tough year it turned out to be. Despite completing some of my biggest and best projects to date... housing issues, lockdowns & lost clients, injuries & illnesses made this year a frustrating one for me. Still...we shall persevere

I drew this image quite early on in my tattoo career, around 10 years ago or so (back when I was more inclined towards macabre art). It is heavily inspired/taken from Albrecht Durer's Praying Hands, which became an iconic image in my industry ofcourse. Not many people know the story behind the original though...

Off the top of my head, Albrecht's brother was also a skilled artist. The family could only afford to send one son to art college however, and so the boys had to decide amongst themselves who would go there, and who would go to the mines - to help pay for it. Albrecht 'won', and after years becoming a successful artist, he eventually went back home and drew his brother's hands as if to say thank you. The brother's hands were now badly broken though from the hard labour, and he was unable to draw properly.

My version added decomposing flesh, to increase the urgency of this prayer. I named the piece 'Pray Harder'. Perhaps I am simplifying the story. Anyways...a decade later this image became a bit synchronistic for me, as in the Summer I broke my left (drawing) hand badly. After all this time struggling with lockdowns and a completely changed way of life, it was the last thing I needed. Weeks after the injury I was still unable to straighten my hand or hold a pencil, nevermind draw or tattoo to my potential. I struggled with direction and keeping my mood up at first, and it was a difficult time for sure. It was unkown as to whether I would ever even be able to draw again like I did....and I remembered the Durers! Fortunately I am quite stubborn, and tough...... As long as I can find the motivation/energy, then I always seem to be able to do what I need to. This was part of the problem too though...With so much craziness and change (and manipulation) going on in society at present, many of you know that I was already not sure of my direction or motivation sometimes. While many of us are still understandably focusing on a normal life, and paying bills seems increasingly obvious to me that we need to implement other, more sustainable directions....and align with the life that we want (not just 'go through the motions'). Revert back to the brothers again there? duty, fulfilling potential...and also our short window of time, to make our mark. The injury helped give me perspective. And this being said, artwork is a huge part of my life, enjoyment, and future. I still have so much to express - in many ways I only just got started. And alas, if the economy collapses then I am also going to need 2 hands anyway! So sensibly, I set off on a mission to heal...

(answer? probably a good time to castle)
black to move...but what to do?

I mostly steered clear of social media and kept my mind focused by get