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Colour Tattoos

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stylised colour roses

/           Stylised Floral


I Would love to do more of these stylised flowers, even more extreme if possible! Freehand elements


/            Watercolour

watercolour music notes tattoo

Watercolour tattoos are one of my favourite styles, I think the ink effects are a perfect way to blend multiple components together or make different tattoos coherent, and can also be suited so well to a more feminine style. 
The effects are usually freehanded over a stencilled line design.
Muted or pastel colours preferred personally


The above are two of the more interesting projects of the last 10 years. There is a strong meaning behind the symbolism and motivation, and the client and I talked a lot about the ideas before just going for it on the day...some stencilled, but most of it freehand.
We used a rainbow of colours but somehow tried to keep it coherent and I think it worked so well. Another artist added a bit when I went travelling which is why I've blurred the bottom. It would be great to have one last session at these unique designs


/            Traditional, Neo-Trad & more

Colour realism roses

//            Colour Realism

I am looking to do more colour tattoos, especially colour realism! Please                        to discuss your or my ideas, and a good price!

heart diamond tattoo
colour glow rose tattoo
realistic rose tattoo

It was a rare opportunity to do such a big biomechanical piece, but the client had the commitment to go for it and we completed it fairly quickly on tricky skin. 100% freehand, and designed around an existing inner forearm tattoo. I really appreciate these large 'modification' tattoos

realistic biomechanics tattoo
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