Black & Grey

Stylised / Lined

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|           Organic


all of the above were done 2018-19


|           Traditional & Neo Traditional


adding to existing lettering 2012

Cover-up 2019





|            Symbols & Lettering

Braille 'I Love You'

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lining process 2018

double cross tattoo
realistic brush stroke tattoo

healed 2019


|              Japanese / Eastern

Difficult cover up of large lettering 2014


An old one on Joe, one of my first customers

I tattooed this symbol on my own ribs back in 2010 when I was an apprentice. It is Kanji for 'Chi' / ki / Qi, and would be the first of many tattoos I'd do on myself.

Eastern symbol tattoos on westerners are often seen as distateful ...but I was always fascinated by Eastern principles, brush stroke art and calligraphy, as well as the concept of messages or language not being immediately readable by others (more personal).


custom phoenix cover up tattoo

A tricky cover of a tribal band. One session

left on this full custom Japanese sleeve


|           Geometry & Dotwork

A unique and fun project encorporating the most influential equations from history, on a scientist. I took the geometry from particle collision tracks


|            More


in progress

I loved this piece and the mashup style which suits the higher power theme.

On a friend and artist, designed on the fly, on the day

This style works well on brown skin

black tattoo, crow and church windows


Custom chicano-style lettering montage 2018

eye and chemica symbol tattoo

Custom design, 2019

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by Anthony Noble 

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