Black & Grey

Stylised / Lined

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|  Organic


all of the above were done 2018-19


|  Traditional & Neo Traditional


adding to existing lettering, 2012

Cover-up, 2019





|  Symbols & Lettering

Braille 'I Love You'

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lining process, 2018

healed, 2019


|  Japanese / Eastern

Difficult cover up of large lettering, 2014


An old one on Joe, one of my first customers

I tattooed this symbol on my own ribs back in 2010 when I was an apprentice. It is Kanji for 'Chi' / ki / Qi, and would be the first of many tattoos I'd do on myself.

Eastern symbol tattoos on westerners are often seen as distateful ...but I was always fascinated by Eastern principles, brush stroke art and calligraphy, as well as the concept of messages or language not being immediately readable by others (more personal).


A tricky cover of a tribal band. One session

left on this full custom Japanese sleeve


|  Geometry & Dotwork

A unique and fun project encorporating the most influential equations from history, on a scientist. I took the geometry from particle collision tracks


|  More

in progress

I loved this piece and the mashup style which suits the higher power theme.

On a friend and artist, designed on the fly, on the day

This style works well on brown skin


Custom chicano-style lettering montage, 2018

Custom design, 2019


by Anthony Noble 

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