Photography Gallery I/II

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|         Street Art  &  Street Photography

I've always been intrigued by street culture, tags and murals. The people expressing, or claiming their streets, spots and walls. Time recorded, and overlayed...

Some people might not see some of this as art at all, maybe even as something disgusting.

Here are some of my photos taken in various places across England and Russia. Where they existed, I included artist's signatures within the photos of murals. None of this street art is mine, all artistic rights reserved to their prospective artists.


|             Homelessness

I witnessed so much homlessness and poverty over the years, and spoke to many people affected. I think these photos can highlight the contrasts that some would prefer to edit out of their reality. And gfenerally speaking the governments would rather spend money on installing spikes so that people can't lie down, rather than house people (the reliance on the system must be maintained)

This photography protects the persons identity, unless permission was otherwise obtained


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|           Doors - Gateways

The way areas are allowed or not allowed...what secrets might be hiding behind these pieces of wood or metal?

The doors or gates are the pathways in our minds




by Anthony Noble 

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