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Art Gallery II

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|          Wall Art

2018, Angel, London
I painted this mural for a business in central London, on a nice curved wall in their reception area. I didn't plan the design too much, just knew what styleI wanted to do it in (which I think really fits the space and people). 

Done with some tester paint pots, a sponge and a brush...a few hours over 2 nights. It joins up to a board where they write notices (hence the black section).
I enjoy working on a bigger scale so much

watercolour mural

2017, Leyton, London
My first commercial painting. Faces are always tricky
without a guide, but I was pleased with the outcome

freedom tattoo

2014, Chorley, Lancashire
The wall to my old studio (Freedom Tattoo)
Made freehand one evening


A vision of the Abbey Ruins of Glastonbury on my bedroom wall.
Made using tester paint pots, some trusty kitchen sponges, and molotow pens..including some gold for the leaves.
The sky contains subtle stars, in constellations. Unfinished

2021, Glastonbury, Somerset


Watch this space for more murals and street art!!

If yourself or anyone you know would like a wall mural in your business or home.. I would love to do more. Can agree an affordable price or trade!



|            Canvas


I unfortunately lost ownership of almost all of my old paper and canvas artwork, plus many photos. Travelling around and living abroad caused a bit of a reset in my life. Here is one oil painting I made in Russia...I really need to get back to it, but a busy life makes the oil painting easy to neglect...

tattoo designs

|        Tattoo Designs


A few designs available to be done, or for inspiration

Please contact me for inspiration or ideas if you are struggling, I have plenty! Also have a look at my pinterest folders here.
Most realism tattoos are designed using photos, either in photoshop or on an ipad pro (not drawn on paper). This enables me to explore more design options in a shorter time frame, and make future changes easily.

I am currently offering a discount for certain colour work and movie portraits

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