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A gallery of my Recent Work and current projects

From stencil to tattoo...
A custom, realistic, neo-japanese portrait
with some abstract effects


A fun, custom redesign of an existing concept

A modern pocket watch and floral design. Client requested this quote, so we chose typewriter font and a minimal background to keep emphasis on it. 
Parts of the rose blend into the skin without an obvious edge, and lastly the chain connects the different componenets and we add some some subtle ink drops for texture.

Timelapse of some of the design process

This sea monster half-sleeve was inspired by a (bad) photo of an existing tattoo, and involved a lot of freehanding

Progress on this custom owl chest piece, which will probably
eventually extend onto the back, and up the neck 


Work on Ashley's horror sleeve
The older looking blackwork is by another artist


I first tattood John around 10 years ago! Soon after that I moved and travelled around for years. Recently he got in touch to finish the sleeve, which was a nice suprise! Here's some progress, with the Atlas statue rather swolen and
sore in the brief video...


Progress shots of a  sleeve based on the (Cardinal) 7 Sins and Virtues....finished shots soon

poseidon neptune tattoo
Ledger Joker Tattoo 1
Ledger Joker Tattoo 2

Heath Ledger's Joker in his Bozo disguise from the opening scene of the Dark Knight movie. The joker/jester is a fascinating archetype, with a deep history...
We already started a sleeve with statues and old world stuff on the other arm, and now Leon wanted to start an urban sleeve on this one. This is the first section of that, with some really interesting ideas to do in the near future (re-imagining some classic tattoo imagery)

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Lee came to me hoping to get a nice map sleeve, which is a fairly popular idea and has been done quite a few times in modern tattooing. After some consulting, he was happy to go with something a bit more ambitious than the usual style, and full colour (although focusing on reds and browns) it was great to have some freedom and attempt something special. 
The final design comprises of london map, his son's poetry, a lighthouse photo, book, a Bermuda triangle map, and realistic objects including an inkwell & quill, a pocket watch, compass, flower, rope, key and locket. I was really pleased with the way we managed to fit them together in a convincing way. The photos (and certainly videos) I have of this piece probably dont do it justice, but I would love to add a few finishing outlines in the future and take some more. 

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After finishing his black & grey sleeve, Andrew wanted to go 'all out' on a badass, full-colour Egyptian leg sleeve, after us discussing some pictures in the past on the theme. I suggested going Neo style, with almost futuristic or 'ancient-technology' rather than traditional Egyptian themes. Here's an almost-complete Cleopsis (eater of the dead) on the calf, and the start of the God Ra on the shin, and Anubis as a guard of the city on the thigh. We are partway through Horus, the Eye of Osiris, and an Egyptian pyramid & eclipse scene.....with more pictures coming soon.

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I love the mashups of graffiti on statues and portraits that we started seeing from artists around the world in recent years, and always wanted to try my own. Here's Ian's Predator decorated with personalised tags, and a dark style. We now started adding the rainforest in funky blue, which will spread over the chest in thermal pattern, with the waterfall from the movie escape, and pixelated effects to exagerate the 80's vibe. Below Predator I'll add a stickerbombed computer on his arm, with 80's logos....and moving on the rest of the arm we will do an Alien head decorated with acid green graffiti, as well as the hatching eggs, tagged ofcourse.
A really fun project...the early sessions suffered from bad sun damage, so we will put a few sharp details and contrast back in.

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Continuing on from a great portrait we first did over 3 years ago. Here we added a large church window, and a burning church (and town) above it. It was satisfying to get a lot more space covered after the long break with it

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A nice handpiece for Harry, which will benefit from another session to strengthen it (as hands so often do)

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It was nice to catch up with these cherubs recently, from around 4 years ago. The addition of St Christopher on the other arm completed the balance. Thanks to him for these healed photos

Some more random bits! Including ongoing watercolours, a trippy mushroom for mushroom season....a quick ipad painting playing with colours...a peace gap-filler!, and freehand Japanese...
I have a lot of digital paintings ongoing, I shall soon upload...

If you'd like to discuss your tattoo idea, or artwork, you can contact me in various ways here for a quick response. I can work out nice deals, and I'm raring to go with sharing my ideas and
creating my best work. 

Leon movie sleeve tattoo design

"Grow Roots"

I've started creating more sleeve designs digitally and as one collective piece, some of which just for fun. Hollywood cinema is so iconic and was such an inluential part of my youth that I began with movie sleeve designs. Ive tried to avoid the predictable and cliched ideas in a more subtle way...but these designs exclusively use images from the movies in question (in this case the '95 Luc Besson classic, 'Leon') 

This mockup doesnt show the inside arm, which includes Leon's portrait, a scope target, and grenade pin near the palm. They are not ofcourse just a randomly thrown together collection of images; but have a lot of thought about flow, and meaning...and depict a journey or message.
These '3d' mockups can be a bit confusing or unclear without being able to be rotated, but I have flat versions too if anyone is interested. This one is low-resolution for safe keeping - high resolution or complete versions of any future designs will be reserved for clients. I'm also doing multiple versions of each...specifically more graphic or graffiti inspired variations.

I'm sure these designs are a bit too niche for many people to consider as a tattoo. But they are useful (and fun) for me to do, and might also provide inspiration for others.
I'm working on several other movie designs at the moment, which will be better exhibited in a new website section for tattoo designs soon, before I move on to more obscure projects

leon tattoo design
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