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A gallery of my Recent Work and current projects

From stencil to tattoo...
A custom, realistic, neo-japanese portrait
with some abstract effects


A fun, custom redesign of an existing concept

A modern pocket watch and floral design. Client requested this quote, so we chose typewriter font and a minimal background to keep emphasis on it. 
Parts of the rose blend into the skin without an obvious edge, and lastly the chain connects the different componenets and we add some some subtle ink drops for texture.

Timelapse of some of the design process

This sea monster half-sleeve was inspired by a (bad) photo of an existing tattoo, and involved a lot of freehanding

Progress on this custom owl chest piece, which will probably
eventually extend onto the back, and up the neck 


Work on Ashley's horror sleeve
The older looking blackwork is by another artist


I first tattood John around 10 years ago! Soon after that I moved and travelled around for years. Recently he got in touch to finish the sleeve, which was a nice suprise! Here's some progress, with the Atlas statue rather swolen and
sore in the brief video...


Progress shots of a  sleeve based on the (Cardinal) 7 Sins and Virtues....finished shots soon

poseidon neptune tattoo