Art Gallery I

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|  Paper

Southpaw! Biro and Posca on card, 2015 

pencil, 2016


process, 2018


Brown paper and coloured pencil, quick studies, 2018
trying to get better at drawing from observation

Older studies, usually tracing some lines & measurements at the start. For me human form is one of the hardest and most interesting things to draw





Haserot's Angel study, 2010


|  Digital Painting

                                         Photoshop + Wacom Intuos4


I started digital painting with a graphics tablet around 2011, and straight away just wanted to see how realistic I could make things now I didn't have to worry about surface texture and materials.

This Guardian Angel was my first painting with it. I painted layer upon layer until I'd learnt the hardware properly and satisfied my perfectionism!...I think it took over 50 hours. This is not the right way to draw.



Early digital paintings, trying to speed up, 2012

Recreating 'V', process

click to zoom

ipad painting, 2020

ballerina, 2020

The first painting I did using procreate and an ipad pro, timelapsed to 30 seconds

ipad painting


by Anthony Noble 

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